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MAM (monthly art muse) is a private newsletter offering more inspiration, tips, techniques, tools and other kernels of art-related goodness from around the web.

I search the Internet extensively researching artists to feature on Daily Art Muse. Along the way I find things that I know will delight you, make you scratch your head and say “I wish I thought of that”, kick your mojo into high gear. . .but they don’t necessarily fit DAM’s contemporary fine craft showcase format.

And sometimes I just want to continue the conversation that I started on DAM.

Monthly Art Muse brings you those ‘finds’ and takes DAM posts to another level – all for only $4.99/mth. It is a great way for you to support Daily Art Muse

What’s In The Current Issue?


For as long as I can remember, my ‘uniform’ has been jeans, a tee shirt and boots or sandals. I have never had even a remote interest in fashion. However, artist’s interpretations of clothing is a continuing source of fascination and joy for me.

A quick search through the archives on DAM brings up dozens of posts about clothing as art. In this month’s issue of MAM, we continue that conversation with 30 pages of inspirational eye-candy showcasing 19 artists; 2 tutorials; links to work by 14 more artists AND links to 20 posts from the DAM archives.

Shoes, shirts, gloves, dresses, shirts, purses and other garments created in paper, ceramic, metal, wood, glass, plant life, cake, shells, vegetables and more.

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